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Amelie Nussdorfer learned the business of travel from scratch before making revenue management her personal long stay. HQ revenue fits perfectly with her way of working at Brera Serviced Apartments, as she says: "It's the speedometer for our business."

In the beginning there was ... Rateshopping 

HQ revenue gave us the possibility to store rates with a time horizon of 30 days. At least at that time, this was not possible with any other tool. 
The integration of Airbnb was and is very interesting for us - as a provider of serviced apartments, we only compete with the typical city hotels to a limited extent - but all the more so with providers of furnished accommodation. 

We got to know tools where the mere generation of reports already takes what feels like eternities, for example, in terms of pickup - so something I do every day! HQ revenue saves me a massive amount of time here - a good 50 minutes a day, or over 16 hours a month!

Mindset: Mirrored

"When you look at some of the tools on the market, you wonder whether the providers even know what we revenue managers need or how we actually work. Many software solutions also look as if they have fallen out of time - they are complicated, illogical or simply look old-fashioned. Or all of these at the same time. Working with HQ revenue, on the other hand, is a lot of fun! The UX is contemporary, the paths are logical and you find your way around intuitively, the interface can be explored almost playfully."
With HQ revenue, you can clearly see that the creators of the tool come from the hotel industry themselves - HQ revenue fits perfectly with my mindset as a revenue manager. The solution is intuitive to use, it's downright fun to work with and explore the interface!


Brera Serviced Apartments, named after the Milan district, has set out to become one of the most important long-term hospitality companies in Europe. With properties in Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Ulm with a total of more than 500 apartments, which are aimed primarily at the corporate, relocator and ___ target groups, Brera has already reached several milestones. 

Brera writes about itself: "the perfect spot for business guests who enjoy their privacy and an atmosphere where it feel like "staying with friends".

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Time: Saved

Routine tasks - in our case, for example, generating reports for the pickup - are often not particularly enjoyable. On the other hand, they are often quite time-consuming. With HQ revenue, we / I were able to reduce this from one hour to just under 10 minutes a day. That adds up to almost 20 hours a month! The bottom line is a massive time savings.

I use the 30 Days widget and Smart View every day. But I look at the Performance Board all the time - it's the speedometer for our business.

The new morning routing: anomalies

Taking a look at the HQ revenue anomalies feed has become my new morning routine. I personally like the LOS feature the best. As soon as the LOS changes, it is a sign for us that something is changing in the market. The anomaly heatmap highlights the own pickup numbers, so I can react faster and more exactly. The anomalies feature gives you more orientation not to miss big changes in the market. Since we also offer more and more short stays as a long-stay product, this will become even more interesting in the future. 

Amelie Nussdorfer, Revenue Manager, BRERA

Although Amelie Nussdorfer does not come directly from the hotel industry, she first got to know the travel business from the ground up as a travel agent, then broadened her horizons by studying tourism management and finally revenue management at DHA.


As a working student, she got to know all areas at Brera - revenue management has become her personal long stay.

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