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HQ revenue combines Rate Shopping with Business Intelligence and seamless integration with all common PMS systems, Channel Managers, IBEs, and Benchmarking Tools. With HQ revenue, Hotel Management Professionals gain an unparalleled 360° overview of global markets, events, competition, and their own performance.


HQ revenue optimally adapts to your individual needs and empowers you with an impressive arsenal of data to maximize your revenues, improve operational efficiency, and increase your market share and competitiveness. This includes market data, movement data, event data – plus the most current and historical data from your own PMS, even if your PMS does not have an API.

With HQ revenue, you can effortlessly recognize any emerging market trend. Prepare for the future with a crystal-clear outlook for the next 365 days.

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Intuitive Dashboard with Smart Alerting

Make future-proof pricing decisions with comprehensive and customized real-time data for your hotel
 Customize your HQ revenue dashboard with drag-and-drop to suit your own needs.

Assign individual user accounts with personalized dashboards to your staff. Everyone can see the information important for their work at a glance.

  • Custom Widgets for Every Need
  • Free customization via drag-and-drop
  • Mouse-over on each entry displays current quick info
  • Time slider automatically updates display for all widgets (0 to -31 days)

In Revenue Management, the term "anomaly" means there's extra money lying on the table for you. HQ revenue integrates Smart Alerting directly into your personalized dashboard, allowing you to identify anomalies across all work areas with just one click. You gain the clarity your hotel needs for a data-driven future.

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Optimize Your Revenue Strategy

Market Intelligence

The intuitive user interfaces of HQ revenue provide lightning-fast real-time market analysis for future-proof pricing. Monitor and improve your position in a competitive environment with up-to-the-minute market data. Analyze demand drivers and your competitors' pricing strategies at any time. 

Detailed insights from all required perspectives with intuitive, customized workspaces tailored to your needs.

Smart View
Parity Check
Parity Check
Area Demand

Benefits Market Intelligence

  • Real-time Price Comparison
  • Competitor prices for the next 365 days
  • Parity checks across all distribution & meta-channels
  • Price trends over the last 30 days for each arrival day
  • Demand analyses in the macro market with LAR
  • Global holidays, public holidays, events, and weather forecasts

Performance Board with Market-Leading Business Intelligence

Multidimensional PMS monitoring, designed for continuous analysis


Combined with real-time market data and your competition, you maximize the performance of your hotel or hotel chain:

You gain a much deeper understanding of your PMS data. Compare your OTB (On-The-Books) numbers with forecast and historical data, and discover unexpected revenue opportunities by viewing them in the context of current market information, such as prices, holidays, and all events.

Benefits Performance Board

  • Dynamic Booking Tracking
  • Ongoing forecasting, "powered by machine learning"
  • Analysis of the current and past years as well as the next 365 days
  • Annual overview with aggregated changes
  • Seamless integration of market data
  • Setting revenue targets and tracking ADR, RevPAR, and occupancy rates
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Smart Alerting

React to market anomalies as early as possible and secure competitive advantages

With Smart Alerts, you no longer need to conduct extensive analyses to find the needle in the haystack. The use of cutting-edge AI algorithms gives you a precise look into the future. You gain control for targeted actions to optimize revenue and occupancy.

Starting from the compact overview in the dashboard, detecting anomalies is deeply integrated into HQ revenue. Anomalies are deviations from established trends and patterns. Related to market data, they affect hotel performance. This can become costly—if you don't act!


Your Competitive Advantage:
Know What's Coming

Smart Alerts highlight anomalies across all work areas of HQ revenue, and with a single click, you precisely check the market anomaly – for the next 365 days in advance. Smart Alerts in HQ revenue are based on comprehensive data sources such as market data, OTA data, event data, movement data, historical data, and – last but not least: your individual PMS data.

  • Demand Change detects upcoming days with significant demand shifts.
  • Competitor Follows identifies days when competitors mimic your price changes.
  • Rate Change alerts you when competitors change their prices while yours remain unchanged. 
  • Pickup OTB reports on unexpectedly high booking inflows. 
  • Occupancy Gap signals potential days with occupancy gaps if you do not intervene.
  • LOS Change highlights days when competitors introduce a new minimum stay requirement – and you have not yet.

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HQ revenue APIs

Your Key to the Best Market Data for the Hospitality Industry

With the HQ revenue API, we provide you access to a treasure trove of information that significantly enriches your software and customer offering. As a leading data provider for the hospitality industry, we understand the need to integrate precise and comprehensive data directly into your systems.

The HQ revenue API is the bridge to a world full of crucial insights – from detailed information about standard rates (including length of stay, number of guests, and room types) to the latest data on events, market demand, and forecasts.

What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive Data Variety: Access to a wide range of essential market data crucial for informed decisions in revenue management.
  • Customized Solutions: In addition to our powerful standard API, we offer the option to develop a custom API tailored specifically to your unique requirements.
  • Optimization Potential: Leverage the power of data to refine your revenue strategy and maximize the performance of your offering.

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