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HQ plus

The H stands for Hospitality. The Q for quality*.

The technology company HQ plus aggregates and analyzes global market data in real time and relates it to the individual performance data of its customers: Hotels and hostels - from boutique properties to global chains - use the browser-based HQ revenue app to increase their revenue, save time on market monitoring and business analysis and make reliable business decisions.

HQ revenue – At the heart of every hotel's successful revenue strategy

The Berlin-based company's HQ revenue app is at the heart of every hotel's successful revenue strategy. With well over 10,000 satisfied users around the world, the SaaS and hotel market data provider HQ plus is one of the market leaders. The team around founder Roland Hehn combines in-depth hospitality industry experience with technical excellence in theory and practice. Numerous strategic international partnerships add modern services in the areas of upselling, forecasting and marketing to the company's own offering.

Aus dem Getränkelager in die Hotel-Welt: HQ plus und HQ revenue

Aus dem Getränkelager in die Hotel-Welt: HQ plus und HQ revenue

03.03.2023 08:47:00 2 min read

From hoteliers for hoteliers

HQ revenue was developed by hoteliers for hoteliers. The cloud-based app provides and visualizes the highest quality real-time data on the market and competition in combination with the hotelier's own performance. It also integrates data from all online sales channels, OTAs and meta searches - the focus on Google as a marketplace and sales channel plays a special role here, not least due to the increasing vertical integration of direct sales channels!


In January 2023, HQ plus launches hotelcampus - the network for partnerships and education in the hospitality sector. hotelcampus offers training, workshops and online courses for revenue managers and hotel employees to improve their skills and career opportunities. hotelcampus is the place where everyone is invited to experience state-of-the-art revenue technologies for hotels. hotelcampus brings together international providers of software solutions for hoteliers and revenue managers.