Our mission is to provide hotels
with the most actionable data.

HQ revenue is a tech company that aggregates and analyzes market and business data in real-time. Hotels and Hostels—from boutique properties to global chains—use our software to boost their revenue and save time on market monitoring and BI.

# WeLoveRM

Who we are

HQ revenue was born with a clear vision: to be the heart of every hotel’s winning revenue strategy. We help fellow revenue managers and hoteliers interpret and use data more effectively. It is the result of our continuous effort to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our customers. Since 2012 we work hard every day to achieve our goals and move ideas forward.

With over 10,000 satisfied users around the globe, we thrive on our customer satisfaction and great partnerships.

What we do

HQ revenue is a cloud-based software that processes and visualizes accurate real-time data on the market, competition, and operations. We supply our customers with high-quality information about the major online distribution channels, competitors' room prices as well as events, holidays, weather forecasts, and reviews, ensuring highly effective marketing, sales and pricing strategies to achieve an optimal market positioning. The software also offers a wide range of possibilities to customize and filter the data most relevant to your revenue strategy and to analyze your market and competition best.

HQ revenue was created by hoteliers for hoteliers: our team brings a powerful combination of industry experience in hospitality and tech excellence in the theory and practice of our software, creating a complete and compelling product with knowledgeable customer service and seamless usability.