Meet HQ plus

The team behind HQ revenue: "In it for the revenue".

Hotel nerds in marketing, hospitality people in support, travel techies in software development, data voyagers in the data science team and revenue management experts at the interface to our customers.

HQ plus is revenue excellence by hoteliers for hoteliers.

Revenue Management + Market Intelligence =

Revenue Excellence

HQ plus - the company behind HQ revenue - is a team of hoteliers, software developers and data scientists. As hoteliers, we know what hoteliers need: We know the processes, the market, the pressures.

As Data Scientists, we know how to get the most out of the data.
As software nerds, we created an app out of it.

100% Hospitality

From hoteliers for hoteliers - we know the industry, its processes, its needs from our own experience - our own roots lie deep in the hotel industry. And are extremely gnarled. So the rest can rock agilely and won't be blown away.

100% Peoples' Business

HQ Plus is a peoples' business. Just as the hospitality industry itself. We know: Every app, every digital technology and all the data science we do is only as great as the benefit we – the humans – can get from it.

100% Independent

HQ plus is completely independent. There are no external investors, no exclusive partnerships. Our business model has been self-sustaining since day 1. That makes us not only proud, but also quite successful.

What makes HQ revenue special

How it started ...

... and how it went:

1998 – 2006

Foundation work

Founder & CEO Roland Hehn accidentally lands in the hotel industry and takes over one hotel each in 1998 and 2006. During this time, the industry undergoes a major transformation: HRS and hotel.de enter the market.

This data, which is now publicly available, should actually be better analyzed for hoteliers: As a hotelier, Roland was always faced with the challenge of knowing what rates competitors were offering in the market, what events were taking place in Berlin, and how to get this information as quickly as possible so he could adjust his rates accordingly.

The idea behind HQ plus was born out of daily practice and implemented in the beverage warehouse. In the beverage warehouse?! Yes, exactly. In the blog Roland and Sven tell the whole story.

1998 – 2006

Launch HQ revenue 1.0

With the core functions of HQ revenue: Rate Shopping and the Smart View.


> 60 Integrations

Over 60 integrations, over 30 channels ... HQ revenue is optimally integrated!

Describe your image


In times of declining print circulation, digitization, global networking, we decided to make a magazine. A magazine?

Yes, something with a tactile feel, something you can touch.

Isn't that completely ... bonkers?

Nope. In the meantime, GRANT has become an integral part of HQ revenue and hotelcampus - and we haven't even reached the end of the development yet! For GRANT#4, we were once again able to win over super-interesting (and interested) colleagues from the hotel industry, hospitality consulting, and revenue management. They share their insights into the topic of revenue management, true to the motto: From Zero to Hero!

Some highlights find their way to the GRANT Blog. Fancy a printed version? Find it here :)

grant4 - mockup


Hotelcampus, a new brand of HQ plus, saw the light of day just in time for ITB 2023. Under the umbrella of hotelcampus we bundle education, networking and partnerships: eLearnings and webinars on HQ revenue and all topics around revenue management, events like barcamps and meetups, always together with exciting partners from the HQ revenue environment. Together we demonstrate and discuss integrations, software development, user experience and the digitalization of hospitality. With you. Because even though HQ plus is already damn good on its own - we can only get even better together!

Watch: hotelcampus @ ITB23 recap.



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