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Single properties, chains, and cluster revenue management

Revenue management for a single hotel or cluster revenue management – hotel chains have different organization principles. HQ revenue understands them all, and can be customized to fit your team's – or your teams' – requirements just perfectly.

Single Properties

100% Focus

The competition never sleeps. So it's a matter of selling your own stock at the right time and at the right price, in other words: knowing tomorrow's market today and being one step ahead of the comp set.

The world out there has become more complicated and it's moving faster than ever. Revenue managers need a single source of truth they can rely on - at the push of a button.

HQ revenue generates all market and position data in real time! Because yesterday's figures are of no use today. We deliver the perfect visualization at the same time.

You can't afford to have your hands full with activities that are completely mundane - yet time consuming.

HQ revenue takes all the grunt work off your hands. Concentrate on the part that you can do best - and that no machine will do for you anytime soon. The work becomes more efficient. And it's even fun!

Single hotels in particular dread the introduction of new software: you certainly have to sell a lot of RNs to recoup the effort of integration and setup. No wonder they say: "Never touch a running system".

Therefore: HQ revenue is minimally invasive flanged to existing systems. We don't touch anything there! See all integrations →

Multi Property / Clusters

100% Overview

More properties = more mayhem potential. The cluster revenue management teams at our chain clients need a bird's eye view. We added infinite zoom to compare the properties with each other and in the market.

With HQ revenue, cluster revenue managers get an overview of the KPIs of all houses in all markets - without losing sight of the big picture. You adjust the level of detail as you need it.

Amelie Nussdorfer, Revenue Manager at BRERA Serviced Apartments, calls this a "speedometer for business. Success stories →

Which of my houses perform well, which are in the midfield, and which are downright cross-subsidized? And what is the reason for this?

With HQ revenue, cluster revenue management teams have the opportunity to move part of the group controlling to the property level and to control it at the actual business level: The hotel level.

Every hotel chain is different. But one thing is the same everywhere: managers need the top-level figures, employees focus on their respective houses/areas/markets. 

The HQ revenue role concept is designed so that each organization can mirror its logic. And the reporting and the annoying consolidation? There's an app for that. 

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