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Your Revenue Management Cockpit

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from €69
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Your start into professional rate shopping – base your decisions on data you can trust, all while keeping that manual work at bay.

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Premium Pro

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Stay ahead in highly dynamic locations with on-demand market intelligence and next-gen revenue management tools.

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Advanced Pro

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The state-of-the-art revenue management suite. Seamlessly integrate RMS & PMS, and unlock a whole new level for your pricing strategy.
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Customize HQ revenue

Add-ons & Upgrades

Customize your Revenue Management Solution, so it fits your Hotel's needs just perfectly.


Website Demand

You suspect a delta between IBE visitors, and website bookings, right? Website demand gives you the answers – know how many travellers visit your website, but book somewhere else.

So many features, add-ons, options for customizations –  we admit, this can be somewhat overwhelming.
We got you: Let's hop on a quick video call. We'll show you around, and together,
we'll be able to compile the perfect solution for you, your team, and your hotel business' needs.

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All features

Professional Premium Pro Advanced Pro
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Market Intelligence
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Daily scheduled shops 60 90 90
Frequency of 365 shops monthly weekly weekly
# of Compsets & Competitors
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1 / 5 1 / 5 3 / 15 + RMS Connect
# of Channels 1 (b.com) 5 5
Brand.com (if supported)
Live Rate Updates
Account-based API access
Parity Check
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Daily Scheduled Parity Shops 30 60
Real-time Parity Shopping
Brand.com + SV Channels
Data Feed
CityWide Events

Event Location Subsciption 10 100
Holidays, School Holidays, Weather
Snow Depths
Area Demand Market Watch
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E-Learning Basic Subscription
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This is not all

Flexible Modules & Add-Ons

Customize your Revenue Management solution with these powerful add-ons and specialized modules

Anomaly Detection

More than just being alert – leverage upcoming market anomalies. Know the irregularities in the market. Long before they occur. And use them to your own benefit! You don't need a crystal ball for this ... !

Business Performance

Save enormous amounts of time, and minimize errors! Performance board is here to replace your clunky spreadsheets – make adjustments quicker and with more confidence.

Website Demand

You suspect a ∆ between IBE visitors, and website bookings, right? Website demand gives you the answers – know how many travellers visit your website, but book somewhere else.


Endless Rateshops!

Ante up the rate shopping frequency with our rateshopping add-on


Area Demand Market View

Discover demand changes in your area as they happen!


We don't only collate external data! Seamlessly integrate your PMS, RMS, or Channel Manager with HQ revenue – and get the most out of the data you already have.

90+ Channels to choose from

We serve about 100 OTAs. While most clients have three to five they really focus on, some flexibility sometimes might come in handy – check the channels that are the most important for your business, your region, your guests.

Read more about the channels HQ revenue uses: on our blog: Top Dogs and Niche Providers →


All plans include:

E-Learning platform access
Access to the best market data
24/7 Support via Chat/Phone



Experience the HQ revenue benefits in a personalized demo

To give you the perfect start, we won't leave you alone with a demo license. Instead, we show you the first steps in a short personal demo and set up your very own customized HQ revenue dashboard together with you - so you can get started right away and experience the potential live.

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