Multi-dimensional PMS tracking engineered for continuous analysis

Replace your clunky spreadsheets, make adjustments faster and more confident, and optimize your revenue strategy. With HQ revenue Performance Board, you'll be able to do all that while saving an enormous amount of time and minimizing errors compiling data.

Multi-dimensional PMS tracking engineered for continuous analysis

Increase revenue

Compare your OTB numbers to forecast, the current market situation, and historical business data.

Get a deeper understanding of your PMS data and spot anomalous days early.

Save time

Instantly use automatically compiled reports and swiftly scan through relevant KPIs in a highly interactive table.

Minimize errors

Leverage machine-learning, rely on automated processes, and capitalize on data-driven decisions.

Identify revenue opportunities

Your hotel PMS and market data in a detailed view.

5 133 119 113 0 +215 +384 13,550 85.22 106.69 0 127 80 54 8 294 07/01 Mo 6 233 211 197 2 +1,566 +2,797 25,948 163.20 182.73 0 142 89 73 15 585 07/05 Fr 4 182 161 149 1 -1,298 -2,319 19,173 120.59 135.98 0 141 89 57 13 532 07/04 Th 4 245 225 201 0 +405 +724 28,831 181.32 193.49 0 149 94 71 9 417 07/03 We 4 147 132 119 0 +235 +419 14,722 92.59 114.12 0 129 81 61 11 210 07/02 Tu 4 236 219 209 0 -269 -481 27,606 173.63 193.05 0 143 90 74 13 452 07/06 Sa 6 183 165 155 -468 -5,831 +4,003 761,006 122.00 146.02 22 5,394 80 63 11 12,549 July Δ LY Δ Target Market OTB IBE Δ FC Date def RN RN tent ADR RevPAR LTB Req. Rev Rev Rev RN OTAs Direct Comp R

Customizable Timeline

Inspect the current year to date and today plus 365 days in advance.

Filter days strategically: focus on business days or weekends. Create custom date ranges where suitable.

Keep a continuous overview of your annual performance.

Direct Demand Indicator

See real demand on your Internet Booking Engine. Know when pre-booking requests convert into bookings.

Find correlations between increases in demand and your Look-to-Book conversion rate.

Spot signs of recovery and check your website performance.

Rolling Forecast

We use machine learning to analyze your historical data.

Navigate to a month or day and see where adaptive neural nets predict extra room night potential.

Your continuous PMS data improves our predictive algorithm byte by byte.

Make Your Data Count

A snapshot of your current On The Books data. Neatly organized so you can draw intelligent conclusions.

See your occupancy and apply historical data from the past 90 days for dynamic pickup tracking.

Compare room rate, RevPAR and revenue. Weigh definite and tentative room night reservations plus upcoming events and holidays.

Performance Year over Year

How well does your monthly and daily revenue compare with the previous year?

You have two options: Compare to last year for the same date or the same weekday.

Budget Targeting Potential

Annual revenue target setting made simple.
Know your best and weakest performing days.

Our system distributes your monthly budget intelligently and considers last year’s performance.

This means a weak day won’t receive 1/30 of the budget, but a proportional amount comparable to its turnover last year.

Integrated Market Data

Leverage reliable real-time market intelligence data sourced by HQ revenue.

Compare your PMS data to the current market. Measure your performance against the competition.

Consider city demand, direct rate, rate on OTAs, comp set median, and price ranking.

KPI evolution

Measure what matters, historically speaking. The evolution of your revenue and market performance.

Dynamic Pickup Tracking

Pull up and evaluate historical business data to track your pickup. See how today’s occupancy measures up to the last 90 days.

Track the evolution of your ADR, RevPAR and total revenue for comparison periods you define. Every change to the time slider updates your operational numbers instantly.

Market Watch

Figure out your market by analyzing past strategies and pricing developments.

See how your direct rate compares with the one on your primary OTA channel and comp set. Determine where future adjustments can yield a more favorable price rank in your city.


Detect signs of recovery when your website demand and look-to-book percentage grows regularly. Notice when and how often competitor rates fluctuate.

Discover well-performing days or weeks and inspect them in detail, such as pickup origins.

Extend Performance Board’s Functionality

Take advantage of these in-depth monitoring tools to round out your PMS analytics.

Seamless Coupling of Market Intelligence

Add another dimension to your performance overview with these features and many more:

Compare your rates to the competition and the median for the next 365 days
Monitor local demand via macro market clusters
Check parity on room type
Explore Market Intelligence

Reveal Booking Intent

Shine a light on actual demand. Measure your Internet Booking Engine activity to:

Uncover previously hidden booking period interest of your visitors
Price strategically knowing the full extent of demand for certain days
Evaluate e-commerce performance, assess demand forecast and review your Look-to-Book ratio
Integrate Website Demand


Integrating your occupancy and revenue data is fast, secure, and reliable. Performance Board works with 50+ PMS, and offers flexible integrations such as API access, PDF reports, and scheduled email reports.

Unique combination of actionable data

Based on many years of experience in the hospitality industry and close collaboration with revenue management experts worldwide, we developed Performance Board to be one of the most advanced PMS analytics tools to help you build a winning revenue strategy.

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Dynamic pickup tracking
Adaptive machine-learning rolling forecast
Budget target setting and potential tracking
Annual view with aggregated changes
Fusion of PMS and market data