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The hotel management system WinPAX was born in 1994(!) with the purpose of providing the hotel industry with a comprehensive toolbox. Its modular structure - Web-Apps, Channel Management, Booking Engine, Front Office, Back Office, F&B, Marketing, Room Rates, Newsletter, and BI - ensures maximum flexibility.

The all-in-one software cloud based for your hotel. Slope includes in a single cloud platform a range of features including PMS, booking engine, channel manager, CRM, sending quotes, marketing tools, electronic invoicing and telematic payments.


GameChanger, Duetto’s innovative pricing solution, allows hoteliers to optimize every single booking efficiently and seamlessly. BlockBuster, Duetto’s group optimization software, helps hoteliers discover the most profitable blend of group and transient business at the right rate, at the right time. Scoreboard, then is an innovative revenue forecasting software that allows hotels, casinos, and resorts to create accurate day-level forecasts in minutes.

UbikOS 360 SL is a multiplatform 360 PMS that works from any browser and from any operating system. It covers all the needs of all the departments of a hotel. The tools and menu options are customized according to the profile of each user, and the respective departments to which they belong.

All-in-one software solution for any kind of accommodation. Kross Booking develops end-to-end booking management solutions. It provides a cloud-based platform for hotels, hostels, and vacation rental businesses. It offers check-ins and check-outs, generates invoices and receipts, dashboards, and more.

When you need to know your market environment. Benchmarking | Alliance provides accurate competitor benchmarks for the hospitality industry (Hotel, Conference, Restaurant, Resorts and more). Benchmarking | Alliance delivers accurate market data to investors, market researchers, consultants and real estate companies.

YieldPlanet is a SaaS provider delivering travel technology solutions for revenue and distribution management. They deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions that meet and surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management. With Channel Manager and Price Optimizer, YieldPlanet wields two powerful yet easy to use solutions to meet and surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management. YieldPlanet’s solutions are being used by over 4000 clients in more than 60 countries.

Mirai is the hotelier's partner for the common goal of maximizing the potential of direct sales, commercial independence, reducing distribution costs and access without intermediaries to the largest possible number of potential customers, always within the general framework that these actions contribute to increasing the hotel's profit.

IDeaS, a SAS company, is the world’s leading revenue management software and services provider. Combining industry knowledge with innovative data analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. With more than 30 years of expertise, IDeaS delivers revenue science to more than 22,000 properties in 152 countries. Results delivered. Revenue transformed.

revbell, the RMS that actually increases your revenue. Artificial intelligence and revenue management expertise are combined in a 100% cloud-based, multi-PMS, multi-property solution to help you make winning decisions. revbell is a disruptive Revenue Management Platform that allows your teams to make efficient decisions leveraging the perfect match between artificial intelligence and grounded expertise in Revenue Management. | LinkedIn

For the hotel consultancy berner+becker, professional revenue management is the combination of strategic work, expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

The mission: to offer hotels access to effective and customized revenue management services.

The most exciting way to offer upgrades and increase hotel revenue: Dynamic, Automated & Customized, Higher upsell conversions, Upsells for all guest communications.


"Simple Hotel Data Turned Into Smart Revenue Maximitation" - This is Adi Ohayon's motto, with which she has been shaking up the hotel scene in Israel for years. Adi Ohayon specializes in revenue management and digital hotel reputation.

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Nobody is perfect

You have something we don't have? We have something you don't have? Ok! Let's create synergies - together we are certainly more perfect than alone!

AG Hotel Consulting is part of AG GROUP, specialized in Hotel Yield Management & Consulting. As part of the international group founded by Mr. Andrea Girolami 21 years ago, starting with the successful launch and growth of AG Boutique Journey.


GUEST Hotel Software is among the most powerful hotel management suites. With GUEST, hotels manage to optimize their operations, control costs, manage distribution channels, increase direct sales and retain their customers.


Busy Rooms provides an adaptable, brandable and scalable cloud-based CRS designed as a control center for the day-to-day sales, marketing, operations and revenue management activities for hotels (and "lodging" businesses of all types).


The “all-in-one” PMS customer-focused, GuestPro is among the best cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution to increase revenue, streamline operations, to provide an unforgettable experience for your Guests that is affordable, simple and easy to use.


The res:harmonics Apartment Management System is an innovative software platform for short and long term stays, specifically designed to enable providers of serviced apartments and co-living to maximize profits.

focuses on hotel chains, enabling the management of any business area of a hotel with locations worldwide.

Avalon is positioned as a robust suite, at the same time with the innovation capacity for objectives such as the simplification of system landscapes, international expansion or to enable productive and economic growth.


Hotel in Cloud is a complete, simple and intelligent all-in-one hotel management software, consisting of a PMS, a channel management, a booking engine and an intelligent revenue management solution, of course with the best and most up-to-date data from HQ revenue.


Previo is a complex hotel system that provides a reception and booking system, channel manager, virtual reception, etc. In more than 15 years Previo has helped thousands of customers to manage their hotels, bring more guests and take away their worries about daily needs.



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