Your hotel(s), competition, position. Now and in the future.

One Step Ahead of the Market

Much more than just a rate shopper.
HQ revenue is the data solution with real-time answers to the really important hotel questions.

From Zero to Hero

Powerful and intuitive tools for professional revenue management.

Know. Act.

Rate shopping is the basis. HQ revenue provides the latest and best market information and business analysis. Make truly confident pricing decisions and sell your inventory at the right time for the right price.


Accurate real-time data

Turnover? Increased
Time expenditure? Minimized!
Analyses: By mouse click.

Dynamic and detailed

Unravel PMS data, see potential immediately and optimize strategy. And the whole thing is just so EASY!

Perfectly integrated

Over 30 OTAs and 300 brands are already integrated. Plus a good 60 software solutions. Lucky you!

Revenue Management like it's 2033


Get into the know yourself

Request a personal demo and test a personalized instance of HQ revenue under real conditions - our experts set up the software in advance for your personal use case, your hotel and your comp set.

Schedule demo

One house, two houses, forty houses ... ?

One tool that fits all use cases

Whether single property, multi-property or cluster revenue management, HQ revenue maps your workflows the way they make sense for you.

Perfectly integrated

Inter Pares

HQ revenue can be integrated free of charge and with minimal effort with moste relevant tools in the industry - for real market intelligence. See all integrations →

All beginnings are ...

... simple!

New software is quite complicated to integrate! The initial investment is always huge! First you have to train all employees! And anyway: Never touch a running system!

Seriously? Nah!

Hi! My Name is ...

The experts at HQ revenue prepare thoroughly - for you, for your hotel, your use case and your competition. 

All we need to know is who you are and who you consider your strongest competitors.

Just click here to find an appointment with our specialists - and we'll do the rest. Very uncomplicated!

Get started

Generic Demo

Skip point 1 and move forward to the demo!

Using a generic hotel demo, we will show you all the features and functions of HQ revenue, how they are used by revenue managers worldwide and how to set up the perfect revenue management cockpit.

You know the way from here? Great: Have fun then! What do they say? Exactly: Don't copy - do it yourself! ;-)

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Get to know HQ revenue


We will be happy to prepare a personal HQ revenue trial for you in such a way that you can get started right away without the preliminaries.

You can give us some key data here and we will set everything up. When the platform is ready, we'll let you know so you can take a look around!

Of course, we won't leave you to it: once we've set up your HQ revenue trial, we'll meet for an exclusive demo and show you exactly how everything works!

Wait briefly
Get started

Potential Potentials

You now have two weeks to distribute all the widgets on the dashboard the way you like it best, play around with the Time Slider, check out the Smart View and wonder about the Area Demand, in short: to get to know all the features and potentials.

If something doesn't work right away, the HQ revenue team is always on hand to help.

Take a look around

Happy Revenue Making

Did we say anything about API, integration, implementation? About server installation? Data migration? Quantum physics? Rocket science? No. Did we forget anything? Nope!

We set up your system - and make sure it runs. We do not touch your running system!

If you like what you see - and especially: what you can do with HQ revenue, then it's time for a full version now.

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Update: Improved functions for Events in Feed Manager

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