Revenue Management

More than "just" the right price

Dynamic pricing and development of effective short- and long-term distribution strategies

HQ plus is a cloud-based software solution that supports hotels in getting an accurate picture of their major distribution channels in real-time, while monitoring the competitors' room rates, tracking information about events, conferences and fairs. High-yield periods and periods of low demand are identified at an early stage and can therefore be optimized by using a dynamic pricing strategy or call for action by your marketing and sales department. The user-friendly interface combined with precise real-time data enables executives to make quick decisions, which allows revenue growth, more profit and customer-oriented value for money.
Fabian Specht

"Our goal is to provide our clients with technology that helps them to drive better revenue by combining key business and market intelligence data with advanced analytics. Integrating our leading revenue management software with rate shopping tools such as HQ plus will result in our clients benefiting from the combined strengths of both these systems, automatically incorporating this market intelligence data into the pricing decisions; a unique approach by IDeaS helping also to free-up time for strategic activities to help grow their businesses."

Fabian Specht, EMEA Managing Director