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Multi-dimensional PMS tracking engineered for continuous analysis

Replace your clunky spreadsheets, make adjustments faster and more confident, and optimize your revenue strategy. With HQ revenue Performance, you'll be able to do all that while saving an enormous amount of time and minimizing errors compiling data.

Multi-dimensional PMS tracking engineered for continuous analysis

Increase revenue

Compare your OTB numbers to forecast, the current market situation, and historical business data.

Get a deeper understanding of your PMS data and spot anomalous days early.

Save time

Instantly use automatically compiled reports and swiftly scan through relevant KPIs in a highly interactive table.

Minimize errors

Leverage machine-learning, rely on automated processes and capitalize on data-driven decisions.

Extensive feature list

Stay on top of things with advanced tools tailored for revenue management experts.

Dynamic pickup tracking

Adaptive machine-learning room night forecast

Budget target setting and potential tracking

Annual view with aggregated changes

Freely selectable comparison periods

Weekday shift

Current event & historical event comparison

Seamless HQ revenue Market Intelligence integration

Works with 50+ PMS

Drilldown popups for great depth of detail for each day