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Location Date Event Name Added Details Smart Views Open SHOW 23.04.2019 Theatre Festival 06/30 - 07/01/2019 Theatre Create SHOW 03/20/2019 Convention 06/15/2019 Congress Center Create SHOW 03/27/2019 Exhibition 06/21/2019 Convention Center Create SHOW 03/25/2019 Symposium 07/10 - 07/11/2019 Congress Center Create SHOW 03/24/2019 Medical Congress 06/26/2019 Convention Center Create SHOW 04/27/2019 Soccer Match 06/22/2019 Soccer stadium Create SHOW 03/21/2019 Business Conference 08/30/ - 08/31/2019 Congress Center Create SHOW 04/20/2019 Science Conference 07/16 - 07/18/2019 Convention Center Create SHOW 03/20/2019 Seminar 08/10/2019 Business Center Theatre Congress Center Business Center Convention Center Soccer stadium SMART VIEW FEEDS HOLIDAYS EVENTS CREATE NEW EVENT My Hotel Revenue Maker Feed Manager
Date Smart View name Open Symposium 10/28 โ€” 11/04/2019 Create Science congress 11/06 โ€” 11/13/2019 Create Exhibition 11/19 โ€” 11/26/2019 Create Business conference 11/03 โ€” 11/10/2019 October 2018 November 2018 November 2018 Smart Views

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Location Date Event Name Theatre Festival 06/30 - 07/01/2019 Theatre Convention 06/07/2019 Congress Center Symposium 07/30 - 07/31/2019 Congress Center Business Conference 18/15 - 08/16/2019 Congress Center Theatre Congress Center Business Center


All upcoming events in your area are listed in the events section; here you can save them as favourites, choose which ones to see in your Smart View and create events of your own.

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