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Our Modules

The five pillars of HQ revenue, designed to give you reliable data and a stress-free user experience.


The most relevant data aggregated into handy widgets. An exhaustive overview, on the go, to get you set for your analyses.

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Smart View

Straightforward price charts, your occupancy & City Demand, events & holidays. The all-in-one, clear interface to overtake your competition.

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Parity Check

All your channels and rates in one user-friendly module. A One-Click interface to align your rates and find irregularities with no effort.

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Area Demand

Customisable clusters to oversee the demand in specific macro markets in your destination.

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Feed Manager

Tracking and customisation made easy. All events, fairs, holidays and festivities in one interface.

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Smart view
Parity check
Area demand
Feed manager

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Our strengths

PMS integration

HQ revenue supports the integration of occupancy data through interfaces with all major PMS so that you can see your own occupancy in the context of competitor rates and City Demand.
HQ revenue Pms integration

Multi‐user & multi‐property

Add as many users as you like and manage their access level to have your team always informed and up to date. You can also integrate all your properties into one account and switch between them with a simple click.
HQ revenue Multi-user property

Room‐type mapping

Different room-type names will no longer be a problem thanks to room-type mapping. Use room types to map and categorise your own rooms and your competitors' when these have different names.
HQ revenue Room-type mapping

Big Data aggregated

We collect real-time data from more than 20 OTAs, Brand.com, Metasearch and GDS to make sure we provide you with the most reliable fresh information.
HQ revenue Big data

Customizable Settings

HQ revenue is highly customizable, allowing you to personalize your channels, competitors, room types and filters. The app is available in English, German, Italian and Spanish!
HQ revenue Customizable settings

Excellent Support

If you ever have questions, you can always rely on our Live In-App-Chat & Help Center.
HQ revenue Excellent support

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