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Build your winning revenue strategy

The best revenue management teams in the hospitality industry use HQ revenue to increase their property's turnover and save substantial time on market monitoring and business analytics.

Build your winning revenue strategy

Identify and act

HQ revenue offers powerful and intuitive tools for professional revenue management. We provide up-to-date market information and business analytics so you can make genuinely confident pricing decisions. Our technology helps you to sell your inventory for the right price at the right time.


Accurate and fresh

Boost your revenue, stay agile and minimize the time spent on market analysis with real-time data.

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Dynamic and detailed

Untangle your PMS data, instantly discover revenue potential and optimize your strategy.

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Well connected

We gather data from over 20 OTAs and 300 brands and integrate with more than 60 of the best software solutions in the industry. Through our API, you have access to vast quantities of market information at your location.

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