About us

Our story

HQ plus was born with a clear vision: to be at the heart of every hotel’s winning revenue strategy.

Our innovative software, HQ revenue, was thought out by hoteliers with the goal to improve the use of data and make pricing strategies more efficient. HQ revenue is at the forefront of technological solutions in the hotel industry and is the result of a continuous effort to improve and anticipate the needs of our customers.
Since 2012 we work hard everyday to achieve our goals and restore the independence of hotels; with over 2000 happy customers we are now market leaders in Europe and expanding worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide hoteliers and revenue managers worldwide with the best real-time data to make the smartest revenue decisions. We are dedicated to restoring our customers’ independence and we do so by providing a comprehensive and transparent view of the market to help them think efficiently, maximize their revenue and outperform the competition.

Our product

HQ revenue is a cloud-based software that provides real time data on the market and competition. HQ plus customers are provided with high-quality information about the major online distribution channels, competitors’ room prices as well as events, holidays, weather forecasts and reviews, ensuring highly effective marketing, sales and pricing strategies in order to achieve an optimal market positioning.
 The software also offers a wide range of possibilities to customize and filter the data most relevant to your pricing strategy and to best analyze your market and competition.

HQ revenue was created by hoteliers for hoteliers: our team brings a powerful combination of industry experience in hospitality and tech excellence in the theory and practice of our software, creating a complete and compelling product with a knowledgeable customer service and a seamless usability.

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Our team

Roland Hehn

Roland Hehn CEO

Sven Blaurock

Sven Blaurock Head of Product Development

Philipp Stelzer

Philipp Stelzer Head of Sales

Martina Djukic

Martina Djukic Head of Strategic Partnerships

Aileen Fisch

Aileen Fisch Account Manager

Wilbert Diepeveen

Wilbert Diepeveen Business Development Manager Nordics & The Netherlands

Erjon Gorani

Erjon Gorani Business Development Manager Italy

René Meyer

René Meyer Business Development Manager Germany & UK

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